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The DieboldDirect Vault Repair and Service Program

DieboldDirect is proud to bring you our expert vault repair and service program.  Vaults have been a Diebold Nixdorf specialty for over 150 years.  With GSA certified technicians all over the country (and some with the ability to travel internationally), our certified master locksmiths have mastered the skillsets needed to open locked vaults, adjust doors, repair hinges, and removing and repairing electric vault door motors.
Diebold Nixdorf Dial Lock       
 Their skills are not limited to just Diebold Nixdorf safes, however.  Our certified technicians can service Hamilton vaults, Mosler vaults, and Bank Lock vaults for your convenience.  Our technicians are sent to major industry trade shows, attend additional lock related courses, and they travel around the country to learn more about the most difficult lock issues.

**Our technicians do not service residential vaults.

Request a free quote for your vault repair or servicing or to learn more, contact our vault services representatives,


ATM Drilling and Repair
Compusafe Drilling and Repair
Safe Drilling and Repair
GSA Drilling and Repair
Chest Drilling and Repair
Vault Drilling and Repair
Lock Manipulation
Day Gate Rebuilds
Hydraulic Systems
Hinge Repair/Refurbishment
Machine Shop Services (including welding, tooling, part creation, reengineering, and rapid prototyping)
Traditional locksmithing work (including locks and traditional door hardware repairs and servicing)

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