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Safe Deposit Box Key Duplication Service

Safe Deposit Box Blank Key and Envelope
Web Price: From $37.00 to $70.00
Manufacturer: Diebold, Inc.
Manufacturer Part #: 11033326000A

Product Options

DieboldDirect Safe Deposit Box Key Duplication Program
Bulk Key Duplication Pricing 
2 to 5 keys  $29.60 per key
6 to 9 keys  $24.05 per key
10 or more keys - Call for Pricing

To receive this pricing, please apply coupon code BULKKEY in the shopping cart. NO OTHER COUPONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
Save $50 or more on key duplications!  DieboldDirect now offers safe deposit box key duplications through our new mail order service.  This is a convenient way for you and your customers or members to replace lost or missing keys with no service call required.

DieboldDirect cannot duplicate keys from individuals. If you need a safety deposit box key duplicated, you must go through your financial institution and follow their process.
It's as easy as following these four steps:
1.  Download and fill out the single key or multiple key duplication form
2.  Place an order for the key(s) through the DieboldDirect website
3.  Once your order is placed, use your order confirmation number as the key code on your downloaded form
4.  Send the key(s) that need duplicated and the form with the key code/order confirmation number to the address below:
Rod Jackson; SD Box Key Duplication Program
5571 Global Gateway
North Canton, OH 44720
Once we receive the key at our lock shop, we will duplicate it and send it back to your customer.  Requests are processed within 24 hours of receiving, and it takes roughly 10 days to have the key made and shipped back out to your customer or member, however we do offer an expedited service, which will be about 3 days.  We do not offer expedited services on orders over one key.
On average, our customers are saving $50 or more on key duplications because a service call isn't being opened for the technician to come out.  By using this new mail in service, your tellers are no longer tied up, customers or members aren't being inconvenienced by coming into the branch, and you're saving money!

DieboldDirect Key Duplication: