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Round Top Guard Post Sleeve

Round Top Guard Post Sleeve
Web Price: From $3.93 to $5,757.14

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Round top guard post sleeves provide a cost effective alternative to painting bollards. These maintenance free, durable bumper post sleeves work great in high traffic areas and improve the appearance of financial institutions and ATMs nationwide.
  • Installs easily over existing concrete or metal posts.
  • Eliminates the need to constantly scrape and paint old style posts.
  • Designed to resist the effects of direct sun and cold weather without cracking or fading.
  • Withstands temperature extremes.
  • Water and chemical resistant.
  • Available in red or OSHA yellow.
  • Other colors available - call 1-800-796-8822 for details
  • Available in a variety of sizes and can be trimmed to your specific measurements.
  • Ask us about our designer shapes for architectural applications.
  • Watch the How to Install a Bumper Post Cover video.
  • Sizes:
        3" to 3.5"    Dia. x 52"H - 00051019000A -  $62.90 
        3.5" to 4"    Dia. x 52"H - 00051019000B -  $62.90
        4" to 4.5"    Dia. x 52"H - 00051019000C -  $52.40
        5" to 5.56"  Dia. x 52"H - 00051019000D -  $62.90
        5" to 5.56"  Dia. x 72"H - 00051019000E -  $94.40
        6" to 6.63"  Dia. x 52"H - 00051019000F -  $62.90    
        6" to 6.63"  Dia. x 65"H - 00051019000G -  $94.40
        6" to 6.63"  Dia. x 84"H - 00051019000H -  $104.90
        7" to 7.38"  Dia. x 52"H - 00051019000I -   $94.40
        7" to 7.38"  Dia. x 60"H - 00051019000J -  $94.40
        8" to 8.63"  Dia. x 69"H - 00051019000K - $104.90
  • Installation Instructions: 1. Slide bumper post sleeve over post to see how well the sleeve fits. (Sleeve inside diameter is always bigger than sleeve size) 2. Apply provided neoprene adhesive tape approximately 3" down from top of post and 3" up from bottom of post. If a tighter fit is needed, slightly overlap tape directly over existing tape. Use one continuous piece of tape. 3. With a twisting motion, slowly slide the bumper post sleeve over the existing post. If this is done right, you should hear air seeping out between the post and the sleeve.
  • 1 bumper post sleeve per box
Choose from a range of colors:
Bollard Covers
Round Top Guard Post Sleeve

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