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KICStick™ (Tool Only)

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Diebold Part #: 11066685000A

Product Overview:  The KICStick™ provides technicians with a durable, long-reaching cleaning tool that makes cleaning tight spaces quick and easy. The KICStick™ is intended to be used with the ENA Technician Cleaning Kit (PN: 11066657000B), which includes the pre-moistened disposable cleaning pad.

Product Benefits:

·       Clean hard-to-reach spaces with ease

·       Durable, two-piece handle breaks down for easy storage

·       Uses removable pre-moistened cleaning pads

Suitable For Use On: ENA (Enhanced Note Acceptors) - Most commonly found in Optevas.

Instructions: Connect two-piece handle and attach the pre-moistened disposable cleaning pad provided in the ENA Technician Cleaning Kit. Follow cleaning instructions provided in cleaning kit.

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