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Why has the thermal paper pricing increased in 2018?

The thermal paper industry prices continue to rise, due to the material costs and reduced available supply.  As a result, we have seen double-digit increases that have caused us to increase our prices.  For more detailed information, please reach out to DieboldDirect at 8500-222-6900     


How can I order from DieboldDirect?

(1)WEB: Since you are already at the site, you can browse through the products using the navigation buttons on the left side of the page. When you find a product you would like to purchase, select the correct quantity and click “Add to Cart.” If there are other products you would like to add to your cart, click the “Keep Shopping” button on the left side of the page. We cannot ship to a PO Box, please provide a physical address for shipment.

(2)PHONE: Call 1.800.222.6900 and speak with one of our expert representatives. They will ask you a series of questions to make sure you get the exact ATM and branch supplies you are looking for.  Our call center's hours of operation are 9AM EST to 4PM EST, Monday through Friday, excluding major U.S. Holidays. 

 How do I use a promotion code? 

Once you have added products to your shopping cart, scroll down to the bottom of the first checkout screen. Under the section called "Other Information" there is a box called "Promotion Code (optional)". Enter in your code and click the "Apply" button. This will take you back to the top of the screen which will display your discount directly under the "subtotal" of your order. Once you have filled in the remainder of the checkout information, scroll down to the bottom right corner of the page and select the "Continue" button. The review screen will appear. Review your order to ensure that everything is correct, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the "Send Order" button. Promotion codes cannot contain spaces. Only one code can be used per order and they are not CASE sensitive.


What is DieboldDirect's return policy?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us for assistance at 1.800.222.6900 within 30 days for a Return Authorization Number, and then return the product to us in the original packaging, we will promptly issue a refund. Restocking charges will apply. Customized products (such has the network branding stickers, custom paper, custom drive-up envelopes, custom card gloves, etc) cannot be returned after proof approval is signed and the product is sent.

What do I do if I receive a gray pop-up message that reads, "This page contains both secure and unsecure items. Do you want to display non-secure items"?                  

Certain web browsers and firewalls trigger this message. Select the "Yes" button and you will be able to continue with your order.


What do I do if I can’t find a product I need?

If you can’t find the product you are looking for, don’t panic! Make sure you are typing in the full 12 digit Diebold Nixdorf part number with (or without) the appropriate dashes in the search box at the top of the page (ie "31-020229-000P"). If the product still isn't appearing, you may want to try searching using a description of the product. If it still does not show up, it may not be available on the website. Call 1.800.222.6900 or click on the live help icon at the top of the page and our expert product team will do everything they can to get you what you need. is continuously adding products to the site so make sure to check back often!


 Why do some products not have pricing?

In most cases, if you do not see a price next to a product it is because we need a little bit of information from you to determine a final price. For customized products like ATM receipt paper and deposit envelopes, providing your logo will allow us to determine the number of colors that will be printed. If you would like to get a price for a product please call 1.800.222.6900. These items cannot be returned once a proof approval is signed.


How long does it take to receive my ATM and branch supplies after I submit an order?

After an order has been placed, you will receive your ATM and branch supplies in five to seven business days. If you are a new customer and needing to be set up in our ordering system, the delivery time could be delayed.  We cannot ship to a PO Box, please provide a physical address for shipment.


Can I rush order my ATM and branch supplies?

Yes, when placing your order select EXPEDITED as your shipping method, providing that item is in stock.  There will be an additional shipping charge for expediting. We cannot ship to a PO Box, please provide a physical address for shipment.


What is a Diebold Nixdorf Genuine Article On

We call our OEM products Diebold Nixdorf Genuine Articles. OEM stands for "original equipment manufacturer". This means that as the manufacturer of our ATMs, we only provide ATM and branch supplies that are approved by Diebold Nixdorf, Incorporated engineers.


Does DieboldDirect sell internationally?

Yes, DieboldDirect sells ATM and branch supplies all around the world. To find the correct contact information for your location, please click the Contact Us button at the top of the page and look for the country or region where you would like your purchase shipped. Canadian customers can order top-selling ABM & branch supplies that ship directly from our warehouses in Canada either online or over the phone. Visit the Canadian Warehouse page for further details.


 What is The Ultimate Guarantee?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase from DieboldDirect, simply call us within 30 days at 1.800.222.6900 for a return authorization number and then return the product to us. We will promptly issue a refund. For nearly 150 years, the Diebold Nixdorf name has stood for top quality and service and it still does today...we guarantee it!


What is DieboldDirect’s relationship with Diebold Nixdorf, Incorporated?

Founded in 1987, DieboldDirect is a business unit of Diebold Nixdorf, Incorporated.


 What is considered a standard product?

Standard products are Diebold Nixdorf ATM ink, Diebold Nixdorf ATM receipt paper, ATM deposit envelopes, Diebold Nixdorf ATM cassettes, and Diebold Nixdorf VAT 21/23 drive-thru carriers.


What do I do if I can't see the "Add to Cart" button?

Due to varying degrees of security and firewalls on computers, sometimes our website does not load fully on computers. If you get to a product that you want to purchase but do not see the "Add to cart" button, type in the appropriate number you want in the quantity box and hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard. This will add your product to the shopping cart and you will be able to checkout.


 What credit cards does DieboldDirect accept?

DieboldDirect accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 


What are the common dimensions used when referring to ATM receipt paper?


ATM Paper Roll Width

ATM Paper Roll Diameter

ATM Paper Roll Width

ATM Paper Roll Diameter

ATM Paper Roll Core

What products ship directly from Canada?

Our goal is to provide you with a simple process to order supplies that reduces your ABM maintenance costs and improve your end-user experience with maximum uptime.  We provide a one-stop shop for all your ABM and branch supplies needs.  Your products will be sent from an in-country warehouse to provide fast and easy delivery.



DIEBOLDDIRECT TERMS & CONDITIONS Open an Account with Diebold Nixdorf If you would like to open an account with us, please contact us for assistance at the phone numbers listed in this catalog. Payment terms on open accounts are net 30 days. Orders will be shipped only to those accounts which are current. Minimum Order DieboldDirect has a minimum order value requirement of $50 (excluding shipping charges and sales tax). Contact Us Due to ever changing market conditions, prices in this catalog are subject to change without notice. You can confirm your actual cost in any item ordered when you contact us for assistance at the numbers listed in this catalog. State & Local Taxes Diebold Nixdorf is a U.S. corporation doing business in all 50 U.S. states and is required by law to collect state and local sales taxes. If you are tax exempt, please mail your certificate to our corporate office Diebold Nixdorf-Dept. 8316 P.O. Box 3077 North Canton, Ohio 44720-8077 USA Freight & Shipping Diebold Nixdorf products are priced F.O.B. shipping point in the United States. Freight charges will be added to the invoice. Please contact us directly for international shipping charges. Proprietary Product Restriction Diebold Nixdorf reserves the right to sell proprietary products to established Diebold Nixdorf accounts only. Information Accuracy Diebold Nixdorf hereby disclaims responsibility for the following prices printed in error; the use or misuse of any products described in this catalog; and any losses incurred through the use of products not in accordance with methods described in this catalog. Diebold Nixdorf specifically does not authorize its employees, agents, independent contractors or their agents or employees to recommend any product sold by Diebold Nixdorf in any way other than according to manufacturer’s current written operating instructions. Safe Shipment Diebold Nixdorf makes every effort to package all products properly for safe shipment. For your protection, we suggest you inspect all items upon receipt of order. Record any damages on the delivery receipt, and life a claim with the delivery carrier. Warranty & Limitation of Liability Diebold Nixdorf warrants that the goods supplied will be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of shipment. We will repair or replace the product promptly upon the customer’s return of the defective product to us and a determination that the product is defective. Call us for a Return Authorization Number to expedite the process. This warranty extends only to the original purchaser and is void if the goods are repaired or tampered with by a non-Diebold Nixdorf authorized servicer. Any express or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for purpose are excluded. The remedies provided in this section and the 30-day money back guarantee are the sole liabilities of Diebold Nixdorf for defective materials or workmanship or others claims. The customer agrees that the customer alone must make the determination of each product’s suitability for customer’s intended purpose. The customer agrees that Diebold Nixdorf is not an insurer, and the prices are based solely on the value of the goods and are unrelated to the value of customer’s property or the property of others located on the customer’s premises. Diebold Nixdorf makes no guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied, that the goods will avert or prevent occurrences or consequences there from which the goods may be designed to detect or avert. In no event shall Diebold Nixdorf or its suppliers, agents or representatives be liable for losses, damages or expenses associated with burglary, robbery, loss, transfers or misdispensing of funds or property, loss of data, interruption of business or for indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, whether arising under contract, tort, strict liability, or other forms of action, even if Diebold Nixdorf has been apprised of the possibility thereof. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of consequential, special, incidental or indirect damages in certain situations, so the foregoing may not fully apply. Without modifying the preceding limitations, Diebold Nixdorf’s maximum liability shall in no event exceed the price of the goods directly causing such liability, or $10,000, whichever is greater. Such maximum liability shall apply if loss or damage, irrespective of cause or origin, results directly or indirectly to persons or property from the performance or nonperformance of Diebold Nixdorf supplied products. The prices charged for the goods reflect the foregoing allocation of risk. Refund & Exchange Policy If you are not satisfied with your purchase. Contact us for assistance at the numbers listed in this catalog within 30days for a Return Authorization Number, and then return the product to us. We will promptly exchange it or issue a refund, whichever you prefer. Restocking charges will apply Customized products cannot be returned. Fast Delivery For Orders in the United States, we can usually schedule your order for shipment the next day. For rush orders, take advantage of our expedited delivery options, which guarantee next day or second business day arrival. Call us for compete details. Free inventory stocking for 12 months only. After 12 months, product will be shipped and billed to you automatically. Savings Benefits Save money on large orders. If you often order in large quantities from DieboldDirect, you can take advantage of important savings. Major account buyers receive a special discount based on their total purchases. Please call us about contact pricing. Diebold Nixdorf is a registered trademark of Diebold Nixdorf Incorporated. Other company names are trademarks of their respective companies, which are independent and unrelated to Diebold Nixdorf. Our Philosophy For 150 years, the Diebold Nixdorf name has stood for top quality and service. And it still does today… we guarantee it. Our Ultimate Guarantee extends to all DieboldDirect supplies for all ATM equipment. Diebold Nixdorf will credit billed work charges for any Diebold Nixdorf ATM supplies related service call performed by Diebold Nixdorf if the ATM supplies are purchased from Diebold Nixdorf and are found to be faulty. Diebold Nixdorf Delivers Service We’re not satisfied until you are Diebold Nixdorf is proud to demonstrate its commitment to provide you consistently delivered, customer-sensitive, quality service while keeping service price increases as low as possible. Diebold Nixdorf’s Service Satisfaction Guarantee is your assurance that you will receive the high-quality service you need, delivered with the professionalism and customer sensitivity you want. Call and ask us about Diebold Nixdorf’’s Service Satisfaction Guarantee.




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