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Top 7 Reasons to upgrade from a Mechanical Combination Lock

 To an Electronic Combination Lock

1.      Convenience – entering your combination is much more convenient on an electronic safe lock allowing you to access the valuables inside much faster.  Mechanical Combination locks can take up to 45 seconds to enter a combination; electronic locks can be accessed in seconds.

2.      Manageable – changing your combination on an electronic combination lock does not require a locksmith or special tools.  All the programming is accomplished through the keypad.

3.      Multiple Users – You can add additional users to an electronic combination lock and then grant the user unsupervised access at your discretion.  Mechanical safe locks only allow for one user combination.

4.      Easy on the eyes – no more squinting to align numbers with the dialing line

5.      Secure – Combination manipulation is not possible on an electronic combination lock meaning greater protection against surreptitious attach.  The combination on a mechanical combination lock may be discovered through mechanical dial manipulation.

6.      More Secure – wrong combination entries on an electronic lock results in temporary lock shutdown on every subsequent wrong combination entry until the correct combination is entered.  Mechanical combination locks have no such defense against repetitious combination entry attempts.

7.      Simple Upgrade - Electronic combination locks have been designed to replace existing mechanical combination locks on most chests, safes, teller lockers and undercounter products.

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