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Germ Resistant Solutions

Sanitize – protect the health of your employees and the health of your customers or members by using and offering hand sanitizer to everyone entering your branch. To reduce the chance of infections, hand hygiene is a must if you're interacting with the public. The CDC estimates that 80 percent of all infections are spread by hands. If you can't wash your hands with soap and water regularly, hand sanitizer is a convenient first line of defense against infections.
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Diebold VAT 21/23 Carrier Black - Germ Resistant - 4.5
Diebold VAT 21/23 Carrier Black - Germ Resistant - 4.5"D
Web Price: From $46.20 to $57.98
Diebold VAT 21/23 Carrier  Black - Germ Resistant - 4.5"D
Electric Duster Cleaning Tool
Electric Duster Cleaning Tool
Web Price: $252.19
Electric Duster Cleaning Tool
DieboldDirect is now offering Gojo brand Purell sanitizing products, including touch-free foam dispensing systems, desk-top foam pumps, pocket-sized gel bottles and individually wrapped sanitizing hand wipes. Each of these products offers your customers a unique opportunity to stay germ-free, especially during the dreaded cold and flu season. Most of the dispensers and foams come in a Green Certified variation. Purell Green Certified sanitizers are made from 100 percent naturally renewable ethanol and meet the EcoLogo hand sanitizer standard for environmental leadership and proven performance.
Keep your bank or credit union branch well-stocked with the variety of dispensers offered below. The small 2 oz. gel bottle is great for briefcases, pockets and purses. Foam pump dispensers are great for teller stations and desks. Hand operated wall dispensers and touch-free dispensers are great for lobby entrances, back rooms and restrooms and individually wrapped sanitizing wipes offer your drive-up customers a clean take away following their transaction—and while we're on the subject of drive-up lanes, don't forget our special germ resistant drive-up VAT carriers!

DieboldDirect offers installment on several solutions including:


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