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Enhance the exterior of your branch
Decorative Bollard Covers
DieboldDirect has many cost-effective solutions to enhance the exterior of your branch.
Decorative bumper post covers are cost‐effective alternatives to cast iron or aluminum decorative posts and ideal for dressing up old, faded bollards. Available in five designs and an assortment of colors, these decorative covers fit over posts sized 6" to 10” to create an attractive, polished look. Designed for maximum durability, these maintenance‐free, polyethylene thermoplastic post covers are ideal for buildings where appearance is a high priority.

Choose from five stylish designs:

Enhance the appearance of your parking lot
Improve the look of old metal u‐channel sign posts with colorful parking lot post covers from DieboldDirect. These maintenance free, easy to‐install covers save time and money on costly u‐channel replacements.
  • Available in five colors: green, red, black, blue and gray
  • Fits over common u‐channel posts and 1.5" pipes
  • Increases visibility of parking lot signs
  • Features non‐reflective, white strip down the center (except for gray cover)
  • Dimensions: 84" H x 3.25" W
Light Pole Base Covers
DieboldDirect’s attractive plastic light pole base covers hide old, cracked cement light pole bases around buildings and parking lots. The heavy‐duty cover protects the cement from weather deterioration while also guarding vehicles from car door dings.
Skateboard Prevention System
Keep your property from becoming a hot spot for disruptive and destructive activity with DieboldDirect’s skateboard prevention system. Our plate system is specially designed to deter unwanted skating or biking by eliminating long, smooth edges ‐ like speed bumps for your walls, handrails and curbs!

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