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Why clean your ATM card readers with DieboldDirect Cleaning Cards?

DieboldDirect ATM Cleaning CardsThe smallest amount of skin oils on ATM, debit and credit cards can disrupt ATM operations. To keep your ATM defect-free and maximize machine uptime, proper cleaning and maintenance is crucial. Clean ATM card readers are extremely important for defect-free ATM transactions.

Diebold Nixdorf's Moist Cleaning Cards for ATM card and chip readers proactively decrease machine failure resulting from dirt. Using these dual-sided moist cleaning cards regularly is an effective method for cleaning magnetic heads, chip reader contacts, transportation rollers and belts in ATM card readers.  It is recommended to run moist cleaning cards through highly-used ATMs weekly and less frequently used ATMs bi-monthly.
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DieboldDirect offers installment on several solutions including:



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