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Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Bullet Resistant Glass Cleaning - Set of 12

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Bullet Resistant Glass Cleaning
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Diebold Part #: 00052422000A

Microfiber Polishing Cloth for Cleaning Bullet Resistant Glass - Set of 12

Using the proper cleaning cloth is just as important as what type of cleaner you use on your bulletproof glass. Paper towels and regualr cleaning cloths can scratch and cloud your bullet resistant glass. Always be sure to use a clean, lint-free cleaning cloth. Be sure to read the washing instructions for the cloths as some detergents and cleaners can break down the microfiber materials.
Keeping your branch looking its best takes a little more effort than a dust rag and glass cleaner, especially if your bank or credit union has installed bullet proof or bullet resistant composite material. Traditional cleaners can break down the acrylic materials designed to protect you and your customers and even a regular paper towel can scratch and cloud the "glass" causing it to appear unsightly and worn. DieboldDirect is pleased to offer several options to help keep your bullet proof and bullet resistant material clean and static-free.
 Tips for keeping your bullet resistant glass clean and safe:
  • Only use clean cotton or microfiber cloths to wipe down your surface
  • Never use paper towels to wipe bullet resistant materials
  • Never use strong solvents such as alcohol, acetone, ammonia or commercial glass cleaners - this can damage the surface
  • Always wipe your surface dry

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