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Acrylic Shatter Resistant Convex Mirror - Indoor Style (13", 18", 26", 30", 36", 48")

Indoor Acrylic Shatter Resistant Convex Mirror
Web Price: From $57.58 to $431.73
Manufacturer Part #: PLX-13

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Acrylic Shatter Resistant Convex Mirror - Indoor Style

The versatility of security mirrors allows them to be present in many different locations. Use security mirrors to help with theft and loss prevention in retail environmentssecurity mirrors allow you to monitor the shoppers and visitor in your store. The mere presence of a security mirror inside or outside of your store is often enough to make a perp think twice about pocketing merchandise.
Security mirrors also provide a level of safety in office and industrial environments. Safety mirrors allow employees on the floor the ability to see an oncoming forklift or vice-versa. Safety & security mirrors also help employees see what is on the other side of a sharp corner in the office.
Exterior safety & security mirrors provide a better view of the surroundings in parking lots and busy shopping areas.

The acrylic shatter resistant convex mirror comes in a variety of sizes to fit any indoor application.

  • Constructed of a high-grade acrylic
  • Available in 13", 18", 26", 30", 36", 48"
  • Comes with a basic install kit for easy set-up
  • Diebold Nixdorf installation available
  • Non-returnable
Indoor Acrylic Shatter Resistant Convex Mirror

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