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Diebold Nixdorf Opteva® 740 and 760 Storm Protection

Worried about your ATM during hurricanes or tornados? Protect your ATM from storms, severe weather, and flying debris. 

So what is this thing?

 Protect your Diebold Nixdorf Opteva 740 or Opteva 760 ATM during hurricanes, tornados, severe storms or even blizzards with a rugged easy-to-install protection shield. The storm protection shield's spring loaded frame reduces wind loads by 60-92% and creates an impact barrier which can save your ATM thousands of dollars in water damage and impact from flying objects. The unique design of the weather protection shield reduces the wind's angle of attack and minimizes the surface area affected by the storm. This weather shield has been tested rigorously to last through dozens of storms and protects against:

ATM Storm Protection Frame


High Winds
• Hurricanes Squall Lines Tornados & Cyclones
Downbursts Typhoons Tropical Storms
Dust Storms Waterspouts
Heavy Rains
• Hail • Monsoons
Winter Weather
• Heavy snowfall • Blizzards • Ice storms


Item Details
  • Spring loaded fiberglass frame
  • Made with a special fabric infused with an antimicrobial which prevents the growth of mold during deployment and storage
  • Comes with installation guide - initial installation time is less than two hours
  • Deployment of the shield
ATM Storm Protection Shield In Use

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