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Purell 2 oz Personal Hand Sanitizer Bottle (case of 24)

Purell 2 oz Personal Hand Sanitizer Squeeze Bottle
Web Price: $48.16
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Diebold Part #: 00052434000A
Manufacturer: Gojo

Purell 2oz Personal Hand Sanitizer Squeeze Bottle | Case of 24 2oz Bottles

Purell, America's #1 instant hand sanitizer, is the perfect way to curb the spread of germs in your office, financial institution or home. This portable 2 oz bottle can easily be thrown into your purse, briefcase, laptop bag or car to ensure that your hands are germ-free within a moment's notice. Keep a bottle of Purell on your desk or in your classroom to consistently promote the importance of clean, sanitized hands. Purell is proven to eliminate 99.99% of the most common germs that may cause illnessin as little as 15 seconds after use! The specially formulated moisturizers in Purell leave your hands feeling supple and refreshed, even after multiple uses.
We all have that one person in the office who fails to realize the importance of hand washing following a trip to the restroom. Give them a polite nudge by offering a small bottle of Purell at the next holiday gift exchange.
Download the MSDS for Purell personal gel hand sanitizer.

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