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Magner Model 909 Self-Service Coin Sorter

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Diebold Part #: 00052534000A
Manufacturer Part #: 00052534000A

Magner Model 909 Self-Service Coin Sorter

A Marketing Tool That Counts Coin
The Magner 909 self-service coin sorter is an easy-to-use, self-service lobby coin sorting system that will give current and new customers another reason to visit your branch. It provides an opportunity to gain new prospects from those who normally visit grocery stores to sort change. The 909 allows visitors to sort their loose change into denomination specific bags inside the unit saving time and money by eliminating the need for teller interaction. Additional benefits include:
  • Help financial and retail institutions in their differentiation, customer satisfaction and retention efforts
  • Create opportunities to open new accounts for non-customers as they deposit their funds on the spot
  • Provide an easy way to manage loose coin in the branch
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks of counting, sorting or rolling
  • Boost branch revenue with optional transaction fees
  • Designed to accept display advertising in optional pre-made sign holders
  • Can be wrapped with branded graphics for further marketing efforts
  • Support local fundraisers
It can accommodate multiple denomination coin bags allowing financial institutions to minimize the cost of reprocessing coin.

The self-service coin sorter is a highly accurate, purpose-built machine that utilizes noise reducing materials and runs at optimum quiet speed for a positive branch impact. The unit has minimal jams thanks to an automatic coin feed, and accurately counts all six U.S. denominators through an advanced alloy sensor.

A patented automatic debris ejection system removes non-coin material and debris after each customer transaction, routing it to a trash receptacle. It also has a continuous cleaning mechanism to remove dirt, sand, tokens and pebbles as well as other small objects. A pull-out shelf design allows easy access to counting/sorting section for routine service and cleaning while acoustic insulation and noise-reducing materials in the sorting and bagging section make one of the quietest operating units available.Operates at proven optimum throughput speed of up to 850 coins per minute.
  • Features highly jam-free operation
  • Advanced alloy sensor technology automatically rejects mutilated and foreign coins as well as slugs during the counting process.
  • Patented automatic debris ejection system removes non-coin material and debris after each customer transaction.
  • Continuous cleaning mechanism removes sand, tokens, pebbles and other small objects.
  • Quietest operation available
  • Bag management system allows for easy bag changeover.
  • Full and fractional wraps are available.
  • Call for shipping, delivery, installation and training costs.
  • Dimensions: 39'W x 52"H x 23"D
  • Weight: 350 lbs.
  • For sale in the U.S. only.
  • 1 coin sorter per skid
  • For full service customer / member coin sorting
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