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Cleaning Cards - Magner Currency Counters

Cleaning Cards - Magner Currency Counters
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Diebold Part #: 00052088000A

Cleaning Cards - Magner Currency Counters

Regularly running Magner currency cleaning cards through your currency counters will help your equipment count cash quickly, accurately and will help reduce equipment downtime and service calls. Magner currency counter cleaning cards are specially designed to clean the strippers, feed rollers, guide rollers, paper path and metal plates found in all brands of currency counting equipment. By using these cleaning cards on a regular basis, they will effectively remove dirt, ink residue, and paper dust (flash), as well as, other contaminants. In addition, they will help remove any dirt thats ground into the rollers which make the rollers slop.
  • Can be used to clean all Magner currency counters and many other currency counters
  • Recommended usage: once per week for low usage machines
  • 10 cleaning cards per pack
  • For Magner Model 35-3 currency counter, Magner Model 35-S currency counter, Magner Model 75 Series currency counters
  • Dimensions: Standard U.S. dollar size

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