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BPA-Free Thermal ATM Receipt Paper

In response to the growing concerns about the adverse health effects of Bisphenol A (BPA) used in many daily-need products, we want to assure you that thermal receipt paper sourced and supplied in the U.S. by DieboldDirect is BPA-free. BPA is an industrial chemical most commonly found in plastic and plastic additives, but current media reports also have looked into the BPA use in retail receipts. 

The BPA-free ATM thermal receipt rolls are designed to ensure the same reliable performance you’ve come to expect from our standard thermal paper, and will continue to carry our Ultimate Guarantee - If a DieboldDirect-supplied item used in an ATM such as paper, ribbon, cassette or a cleaning card causes any machine downtime, DieboldDirect will promptly repair, replace or refund the item at no charge and waive any associated service call costs.

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