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Jabra 9400 Series Wireless Headset Neckband

Jabra 9400 Series Wireless Headset Neckband
Web Price: $19.99
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Diebold Part #: 41024681000A

Jabra 9400 Pro-Series Wireless Headset Neckband | Jabra 1421-24

Uncomfortable headband-style headsets are a thing of the past! If you are communicating through a wireless headset, why not upgrade to neckband? The Jabra Pro 9400 neckband is compatible with many other existing Jabra products that you are already using.
  • For Diebold Nixdorf 816 Wireless Audio Package
  • Compatible with: PRO-9460-DUO, PRO-9460-MONO, PRO-9465-DUO, PRO-9470
Communicate with drive-thru customers / members with superior sound while virtually eliminating lobby background noise, with a Diebold Nixdorf 816 Wireless Headset. The wireless earphones and microphone allows financial institution employees to communicate with driver superb sound quality and hearing protection. The LCD display allows employees to easily change personal and sound preference.

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